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Bob James
Retired Married 4
After college I settled in Amherst and began a teaching career in public school, but found my undisciplined manner and ideas for social change weren't a very good fit. Being a conscientious objector I enlisted in Lyndon Johnson's other war, the War on Poverty, and worked with poor white, black, and Hispanic kids in the Headstart program for twelve  years. One thing led to another and I wound up running programs and providing advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities. I moved to Durham in 1993 to become the director of disability services for the Seacoast region. I retired in 2015.  I met my wife Mary in 1976 while we were both teachers in Headstart. Our first date was taking my six year old son Dorian (from my earlier marriage to Deb Lyons) to see Dumbo, which was a fitting start to a marriage in which we raised Dorian and three more of our own. Later, Mary went to divinity school and became a minister in the (liberal) United Church of Christ (Congregational), dragging me further into the straight and narrow. In 1999 I was diagnosed with a Stage IV cancer and was fortunate to get into a clinical trial at Dana Farber. I was also fortunate to have a bunch of ministers fervently praying for me. Obviously I got better.  Being a non-type A personality, if not downright lazy as you may remember, I have found retirement pretty enjoyable, and spend my time writing (mostly memoir), helping coordinate our local community garden, and working for change in our denomination. Three of our kids live fairly close to us (Dorian is in Hawaii) and we have three grandchildren. They all say we did a good job raising them, but now that I think of it they had all had a lot to drink that night. 
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Brian "Wizard" Willard
Combat Debris Single Again
My fellow Georgetown Royals, Blue and Gold, Class of '67, and all around fun guys, and I'm not taling fungi.
I'm still wearing the broken nose I developed after a sledding accident.
I could laden these notes with info about me and my doings, but if you go to my website:, and the Brian Wizard youtube channel, you'll get all you need and then some.
Let me ask you this question: What was the last Brian Wizard book you've read?
Since I doubt I'll make it to the reunion, if you'd like a copy of one of my books go to my website, peruse my inventory of paperbacks and ebooks. Then use the Contact link and tell me which book you would like and I'll send it, or hand deliver it free of charge. Best offer today, right?
Have fun, rock on, don't tip over until its time, and we'll talk about it later, via email anytime.

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Charlie Hochmuth
Construction Company Owner 3
After graduation was drafted into Marine Corps and spent 13 months in Vietnam fortunately came home  intact. Discharged  and went into construction. I have a construction company presently where we do commercial  and residential  work. I have three sons one who is taking over soon. The other in resort management and one to be entering college.. Currently  live in the White Mountains of NH. And work in the north and southern  parts  of NH. Anyway basically still working probably till I meet my creator.  I frequently  talk with Debbie  Watson so she fills me in on latest news of our class.  I like spending time in Fla at beaches on my free time Send Charlie a MessageSend Charlie a Message
Dave Maguire
Married 2
Looking ahead, fifty years is an eternity but looking back, it seems like yesterday.  My life has been and continues to be full.  After thirty years in the construction business (19 of those years in business for myself), I felt called to ministry.  At 48 years old I entered college and 5 years later graduated with a bachelors degree.  Bonnie (my wife of 48 years) and I then settled in Lebanon , Maine, where I have pastored the same church since 2002.  We still ride a motorcycle, something we have been doing since the early 70's and I ride a horse (I ride with a hunt club).  I also play golf, something that I just took up again after some 38 years.  We have 4 grandchildren and we are looking foward to our next great adventure, whatever that may be. I think some of the most profound words ever writen were spoken by Forest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get."  Send Dave a MessageSend Dave a Message
Deborah McBrierty (Watson)
retired Widowed 2
I haven't gone far from Georgetown. I currently live in West Newbury. I'm a happily retired
​RN who isn't sure now how I ever had time to work. I was married to Dick Watson for 43 years before his unexpected passing 3 years ago. I keep busy traveling, and spending time with my kids and grandkids(2) and many friends.
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Donna Holden
Part time retirement Single Again 2
Hi everyone.  Fondly remember those years at GHS. I know it's a well worn cliche but I really don't know where 50 years have gone.!!  Living in Haverhill for the summertime and fortunate to winter in Ormond Beach, FL. Proud Mom of two successful sons and I am blessed with two amazing grandsons who fill my heart with endless joy.   Spent most of my career in Healthcare. Last 18 years was spent as Executive Director for various Assisted Living Communities.  Travel as often as I can.  Started horseback riding lessons when I was 56 (well, ok I got a late start) but better late than never they say!   Life has been good! Send Donna a MessageSend Donna a Message
Frances Bowen (Klippel)
Profile picture
Married 1
Wow! Just reading everyone's post and reflecting on that time in our lives life all those years ago... pretty overwhelming and also brings great joy to my heart! I think 1963 was the first year Georgetown accepted 5 Rowley students. After those 4 really good years at GHS  I got married, had one son, Mark Perry,  several hair salons for many years while living in Kingston and E. Kingston, NH,  then licensed as a Massage Therapist in 1981. Married Paul Klippel in 1982 and in 1989 moved to Puerto Rico. In 1999 we moved to Portland, Oregon  then to beautiful Florence on the Oregon coast 2001. I still work, now as an energy medicine practitioner and herablist, volunteer at local community college in ESL and citizenship. Creatively, I continue to dance mostly international dance and flamenco but any dance will do, and TRAVEL!  Paul is now retiring from 42 years US Mercant Marine. We celebrated 35 year anniversary in September! He writes poetry. We are both active in local and regional poetry and youth mentorship through the arts. And my son, Mark, is a published playwright and teaches at University North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 
So that's the brief scoop! I will not be with you at the reunion but I wish you all a fabulous night!!  I hope everyone continues to post a profile even if you are going ot the reunion. It's nice to hear about you and your lives. Take good care eveyone!!  
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Georgetown High School
Profile picture
Profile picture
Education Single
GHS here. I was only 6 years old when you all left me in 1967 after filling my cold exterior with warmth and spirit, but even then I was ahead of my time – 30 years later  “Big Box” became term of stature and achievement and not of ridicule.  I expanded modestly 2 years after you left, but by the 1990s I felt I was bursting at the seams and needed an addition.  Originally they wanted to erect another big box between the first two, but the life size Kenner Girder and Panel building sets were no longer available. So the town opted for a face lift along with the expansion.  Today, like many of you, my apperance has changed, but if you look closely you can still see the outlines of my youthful form.  And, like many of you, I changed my name.  I’m now called GMHS.,-70.9862916,203m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
Jacqueline "Jackie" Murgida
retired Single Again
Looking forward to the reunion. Send Jacqueline "Jackie" a MessageSend Jacqueline "Jackie" a Message
James Smith
Profile picture
Semi-Retired Married 2
Hello Class of 67! Wow! 50 years and hard to imagine it has been that long, seems like yesterday. Photo of my family left to right: Me, Jan, Grandson Camden 11, Son Jeremy and Daughter Jill. Looking forward to see you all in October.  Send James a MessageSend James a Message
Mark Warner
Profile picture
Retired Married 2
Debi and I have been married since 1971, 46 years. We have a daughter and son who have blessed us with 5 grandchildren with 1 on the way. We have 1 grandson and the rest are girls. All of them are good looking and smart as are all grandkids. I had 3 careers or so. I was a police officer and detective, a probation/parole officer and a registered nurse. I got my BSN at age 46. Some people just can't keep a job. Since retirement Debi and I have traveled around the country workamping. When we are home, we live in a retirement community. Debi says we don't stay home enough. I worry that if I don't keep moving someone might be gaining on me. Send Mark  a MessageSend Mark a Message
Meg Hanlon (Keenan)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 1
Hello Classmates. I am retired from my position at Fidelity Investments as a Procedural Auditor and living in Haverhill.  I have been married to my husband, Bernie since 1969.  We have one son, Glenn, a paramedic.  We have no grandchildren.  Health problems have been a big issue for us in the last few years, but has not stopped us from our travels.  We enjoy cruises as well as traveling by car ( an unforgettable experience in Ireland especially).

We spent several years on the BBQ circuit competing in Maine, NH, VT, MA, PA and the Jack Daniels Invitational.  Our team, the Yahoos, were MA state champions 5 times and the New England BBQ Society Team of the Year trophy was called the Yahoo Cup.

Now our days are spent quietly with Bernie completing jigsaw puzzels while I crochet shwals and lapghans for our local hospice.  Would love to hear from you.
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Pamela Fowler (Margaritis )
Rrtired Married 2
Married 20 years to my husband Teke.  We live at Hampton Beach, NH.  We stay home in the summer but do a lot of traveling in the colder months.   Send Pamela  a MessageSend Pamela a Message
Peter Holden
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Raymond Burleigh
Profile picture
Profile picture
Information Systems Analyst Married 3
In the 60s I tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. I got refocused in the 70s when a physics professor ignited in me a passion for computer programming. In 1982 I set out in my VW bus for the land of opportunity (California), and after a month seeing as much of the country as I could, I settled in Silicon Valley to join the technological revolution. I landed a job supporting the programmers at Atari and have had many interesting jobs since, all of which involved the emerging computer technologies. Today I am a senior database analyst for the City of San Jose where I spend my days doing things I love to do.  

I have been married for over 25 years to Patricia Rodriguez.  I am in good health and stay fit by walking whenever possible, golfing once a week, and bicycling 11 miles to work twice a week, weather and schedule permitting.

In my spare time, in addition to hanging out with my children and grandchildren, I volunteer building sets for Lyric Theatre of San Jose, where my daughter often performs. I also build elaborate decorations for Halloween, and create over-the-top computer driven Christmas light displays. Last year it included the Millennium Falcon battling the Death Star and, at my granddaughter's insistence, Elsa building her ice palace. You can see them here: and here
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Robert Clark
Profile picture
Profile picture
Retired Married 1
Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I won't be able to attend the 50th, as I would like to see all of you. A quick background through the past years. I lived in Denver, Co. from 1969-1981. I worked in the computer field and drove a taxi. Best job I ever had. Moved back to Georgetown in 1981 and started working at UFP in Georgetown. United Foam Plastics. That tiny company in 1969, I was there from 1967-1969 (I worked during the days and went to Andover Institute of Business nights, learning computers) has gone from 7 employees to 12 plants across the country. From a garage to a multi million dollar Co. I worked there for 29 years and retired in 2010. I worked my way up to be Quality Assurance Engineer the last 15 years of work. I met my wife Agnes in 2001 and we got married in 2002. I visited the Philippines a few times and really liked it. I turned 62 in October 2010 and called it quits and we moved over here to the Philippines, built a new home and we are really enjoying ourselves. We don't have any children but I have a 43 year Son and 2 Grandchildren 21 and 18. They live in Denver, Co. and we maintain contact using Skype video. So far I have lived a very happy and fulfilling life and I hope all of you have. Best Regards, Robert Clark How many of you can name the 6 guys in this photo?
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Rodney Burleigh
Profile picture
Businessman Married 2
At first, some work within a lab inventing paper coating,
Later on some metal plating, back and forth at several firms,
Different papers, different metals, but on that I am not doting.
A landslide set my union leader term, time to make the bosses squirm.

Life is more than just our work and soon I had a wife named Chris,
Two kids, a dog and several cats. Ah, those times were so much fun!
We bought a house and made it ours, filled it with our family's bliss
Every winter crowds would come to ride our back yard sledding run. 

For many years I made the film that filled the world with photographs,
Making sure that every batch of silver, gel, and halide salt
Made it through without a glitch and fit within control chart graphs 
Or else respond to fix what's wrong or bring the process to a halt. 

But then your phone replaced our film and made that process out of date.
I took the severance, every bit, and bought a chance in business to compete.
And that's the simple rhyming tale of my own post Georgetown fate.
And when I sell my  framing store that's the day this story is complete.
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Susan Hayman (Crozier)
Customer Service Rep Married 2
I'm sorry I will not be able to attend this time.  Everyone have a wonderful time.  We moved from Newton NH in 1990 to Apopka, FL. and have been here since.  I've been married to Jim (not from our school) for 49 years this past September.  We have two children Jim (lives in Portsmouth NH) and Dyan who just moved back here this last April).  We have a beautiful little grandaughter who fortunately lives not that far from us.  I am still working as a Customer Service Rep for a Food Brokerage in Orlando.  I've been with them 20 years.  Plan on retiring next year (hopefully).  Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Terry Crawford (Palardy)
Profile picture
Profile picture
retired teacher, current quilter Widowed 2
I retired after 30 years of teaching in Andover, MA. My husband, Rick Palardy and I enjoyed five years of our "Happily Ever After" before he died suddenly on Christmas morning of 2016. I continue to run the quilt/fabric shop that he and I opened four years ago. He and I were Friends of the Library, and I joined him as an association member of Erie 4 (he was a member for 40 years, and a volunteer firefighter for 20 of those years.) Rick and I also met monthly with a group of local self employed artists in town. We have two children and two grandchildren. Our son Rob is a Lexington FireFighter/Paramedic and lives nearby. Our daughter and grandchildren are in central Maine. My shop is open four days a week, Wednesday through Saturday, from noon 'til 6 pm, and I welcome drop-in visitors. I'm two doors north of Perley School, and enjoy the new Senior Center there, where I teach beginning quilting classes. Send Terry a MessageSend Terry a Message
Valerie Manos (Lounsbury)
Profile picture
retired Married 4
After 26 years of living and working in Canada, I moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1997 to work at the National Aquarium.  A few years later, I married Bill Collins (a co-worker), and we walked to and from the aquarium together for the next 13 years.  In 2005 we purchased a small house in the hills of eastern West Virginia, in the middle of George Washington National Forest.  We moved here full time after retirement in 2012.  We more than fill our time with gardening, various arts, hiking, biking, camping, and visiting our children and grandchildren in Washington DC, Ontario, British Columbia and Montana.  We are fortunate to be in good health and to live in such a beautiful (if politically backward) part of the country. Send Valerie a MessageSend Valerie a Message
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