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  Brian "Wizard" Willard
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Dear friends of GHS,
Tis I, Brian Willard, the goofest looking of us all, or was I?
Yes, I have a pen name, Brian Wizard, due to my profession as a Master Expressive Artist, with university credentials and a long history of award-winning art productions to include books, jewelry, sculptures and film/video. You can see alot of this stuff on my website.
I could ramble on about all the great and wonderful things I've done since GHS, but to save time I'll simply direct you to my website:, or my Brian Wizard youtube channel.

I doubt I'll make it to the reuion, (Oh my, listen to that collective sigh of relief) due to the fact that it will be at the end of the fire season, mid hunting season, and I own and operate a fire spotting and suppression operation. I own a 103 foot tall Fire Lookout Tower in the depths of NE Oregon. If you are ever in this neck of the woods, let me know and come for a visit. Be prepared to live in 1888 conditions. No plumbing or grid electricity and wild beasts.

Someday I might return to your neck of the woods, so get in touch, invite me over for a cocktail, or just a friendly chitchat. If you want to stay in touch with me, I can put you on my photo letter list. It is an ongoing journal that depicts my everyday life and will one day be an ebook series .  . . definitely maybe. They are mostly photos, with explanations.

My life has been very well documented in books, videos and history. Why? Because I'm a braggart regarding all the great and wonderful things I've done and do. If I don't talk about them, who will? No one.

Rock on, get in touch, have some fun, enjoy my two public sites, and from my website if you hit Contact and send me an email there is a very good chance I'll receive it without it being spammed out.

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